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Canoeing on Liswarta and Warta - Offer

We offer our Roteko kayaks for hire. Our kayaks are made from polyethylene which makes them more durable and resistant to crashes.

All kayaks are designed for 2 persons and are fully equipped with paddles and life jackets.  Additional seats for children (attachable between two adult seats) as well as children’s size life jackets are also available free of charge.

We will take the kayaks to your chosen start point and we will collect them from the finish point. You can always phone us to let us know if you decide to shorten or extend your trip. Apart from the equipment, we can give a lift to up to 8 people (e.g. drivers).

We also provide free of charge parking facilities.

As we run a camp-site – “Krecik”, which is located on the Liswarta’s banks, you can easily start your experience  from our site. If you decide to stay in our neighbourhood a bit longer, we invite you to stay over in one of our cabins. You can find more details on owkrecik.wordpress.com (only PL version available at the moment).

Kayak rental fee* including equipment** and transport***: 
- 1 kayak 90 PLN
- 2 kayaks 80 PLN per kayak
- 3+ kayaks 70 PLN per kayak
* Fee applies to renting out a kayak on selected route, for a max period of one day
** Paddles, safety jackets, child seat (if needed)
*** Transport included in rental fee given above applies only to routes on Liswarta river (from Danków to Wąsosz). Transport of kayaks to other rivers will be priced separately, and agreed individually
Accommodation facilities:  
- A tent – 17 PLN/person/night
- Cabins – depending on a number of nights and cabin type

Quick contact:

Mobile: 0048 608 623 304 kontakt@poliswarcie.pl