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Canoeing on Liswarta and Warta - About us

The Liswarta River has always been a part of our everyday lives. Having lived on its banks for years, we have observed how it has changed over this time. We are glad to see the Liswarta’s revival, caused by increasing interest in active forms of leisure.

Our camp site – “Krecik” is located just by the river and has been operating since 2001. Due to its location, it is considered to be a perfect accommodation type for people participating in kayaking adventures organised by companies from the whole country.

We have always been striving to meet our customers’ needs. Therefore, taking into account growing demand for active leisure, we would like to offer you our kayaks for hire. We also provide suitable transport facilities.

Please see Offer bookmark for further details.

Quick contact:

Mobile: 0048 608 623 304 kontakt@poliswarcie.pl